Parkour, Sunsets & Training



Such beauty without having to pay a dime for it.

Every week I try to incorporate in my training a day dedicated to making my work out last until sunset. Nature has a way of telling your body that you accomplished something and now the time is to relax and enjoy the time you spent working hard a few hours ago.

Training with a purpose

What is the first thing that comes to mind when having a purpose to train?

I personally would first think of learning a new trick, maxing out push ups, landing a jump out of my reach or precisely jumping to a ledge ‘x’ amount of times without falling. Those are all fun ways to get excited about training knowing that I can push my body past the previous limits I had currently set, but what about training for other reasons. Training until sunset would be one example of training with a purpose that is not a physical challenge, but a spirtual one. For the day yhat I took that sunset picture, I had no other goal other than to keep going with my paekour basics until I could sit down and enjoy the beauty of the sunset. Since I did not write down my work out or record anything for that day the work was only stored in my muscle memory and experience. However,  with this picture I can remember the relaxing feeling I had after the work out.

The Association

Now, when I go to the same place to train I can recall the wonderful sunset I experienced last time. The benefits are much better knowing that if I mess up in my training I can always hope for a better sunset or simply recall the last time. Associating such a positive experience with my training has helped me return to a spot to find new ways to explore the environment or remain in a single spot to complete a physical challenge.  Parkour originated from physical challenges and so training today should be the same. I like to see how many precision jumps I can make in a row or how far I can walk on a 2 inch hand rail. The body needs more than physical abuse (or satisfaction) to sustain healthy training habits. I like to feed my physical desires, as much as, my spiritual ones when thinking of pursuing parkour for a lifetime. I strive to improve mentally, physically and spirtually everyday.

Only one person should be better than you yesterday

You Today!

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