6 Steps to Making the Perfect Gymnastics Tape Grip (Pictures)

Learning how to make tape grips for gymnastics can be useful to help you keep on training after you might have ripped or received a blister. Check out my pages on rips for information about maintenance and prevention.

There are several ways to make a tape grip, but I will show the easiest way by far I have been shown to make one.

Step 1

Get some athletic tape

Step 2

Cut a piece the length of your hand times 2 plus a couple inches.


Step 3

Fold the tape onto itself [hot dog fold] creating a flat rope or tape worm…whatever you want to call it


Step 4

Find the middle of the tape and fold a small section in half like a hot dog again to make it skinnier and place that on the knuckle of your hand on the finger that is directly above the rip.


Step 5

Take the other 2 ends down to your wrist making sure its hooked around the knuckle and covers the rip.


Step 6

Make sure the tape rope is covering the blister and proceed to tape the ends to your wrist. Keep your hand stretched and open while taping to give your the most flexibility.



Additional steps… to create a bigger barrier over your rip you can tape the portion of the tape rope over your rip together. Make sure it is side by side so the tape lays flat.


This style of tape grip allows you to continue training specifically on bars and use minimal tape to do so.

After swinging on bars for 20 seconds…


Taping perpendicular in a circle around your hand is also effective, but will not work if you want to continue swinging on bars. The tape will bunch up on itself.

Congratulations! You now know how to make a tape grip.

For any questions or if you have any other solutions leave a comment below!

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